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It can happen to any of us.  One day we are traveling to work, school, or perhaps to meet a friend for coffee. We all have a lot to think about, whether it is something like paying the mortgage or preparing for a family gathering, or something less important such as how the Bucs did last Sunday or who was voted off American Idol. Then one day, suddenly, we or someone we love are involved in an accident or injured in some other manner and our lives are changed  forever. That’s the case for hundreds of thousands of Americans each year who are the victims of the negligence of others. One day they are living an ordinary life, the next they find themselves trying rebuild their lives because of the careless actions of another. Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer Susan Lawson understands the physical and emotional pain and frustration a personal injury can cause someone. The pain is contagious, as it spreads to the victim’s family and friends. Suddenly, their way of life has changed forever through no fault of their own.

What is Personal Injury?
Personal Injury is a legal term of art used to describe many different types of cases which are unique in the sense that the person(s) harmed have suffered injuries to their bodies, minds or emotions and not just their property or finances.  Although some personal injury lawsuits also seek to recover financial losses (such as unpaid medical bills or lost wages) a person suffers as a result of his or her personal injuries.  Personal injury cases in Florida are much different than other states because Florida has enacted specific laws which apply to these matters including but not limited to automobile insurance benefits, wrongful death lawsuits and more.  For a more detailed analysis of these different types of cases, please click on the links below.

When choosing a Tampa personal injury lawyer, make sure you pick an attorney with a proven track record of fighting the insurance companies.

Susan Lawson will not rest until you get the fair and just compensation and recognition you deserve”

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