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Nursing home abuse is an area of the law that should bother us all. As our parents, grandparents, and loved ones age, they may sometimes require more assistance than we are able to give. It is in these cases that we may reluctantly seek outside aid in caring for our loved ones.

When families are forced into seeking aid from a nursing home, they  have a few reasonable expectations. We expect for them to receive the medical attention they need–when they need it. We expect there to be trained, professional staff who are informed about our loved ones specific needs and conditions. They are to receive proper food, clothing, and access to entertainment and other quality of life comforts. In short, we send our loved ones to nursing homes so that they may provide a quality of life that we are unable to provide.

While most nursing homes do provide adequate and exceptional care to the elderly, many others do not. This issue should be particularly sensitive to Floridians as retires flock to the Sunshine state each year. We all have a responsibility to our loved ones and ourselves to ensure that the elderly are never mistreated, and if they are, that the responsible parties are held accountable under the law. Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect can take many forms. Some of the broader categories of Nursing home abuse are physical abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect.

-Physical Abuse

Physical abuse in nursing home abuse cases might consist of assault and battery, sexual abuse, or even the way and circumstances Nursing home companies’ use restraints.

Emotional Abuse

                Emotional Abuse in a nursing home are threats, intimidation, or degradation of the patient. Solitary confinement is also a vicious form of abuse in nursing home abuse cases.


                Neglect is one of the most heinous forms of Nursing home abuse as it is the one that is easily avoided. Signs of Neglect:

  • Withholding food, water, or medication
  • Failure to change bedding
  • Failing to take care of the patient’s hygiene needs
  • Bed sores

The following list should not be considered conclusive. If you suspect a family member has been abused, you should speak to a nursing home abuse attorney immediately.

Susan Lawson understands the sensitive nature of nursing home abuse cases. She is a skilled attorney in Tampa and works diligently in nursing home abuse cases. If you suspect your loved ones are being abused, neglected, or otherwise mistreated, it is imperative that you contact Susan Lawson today to discover the rights of you and your family.

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